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The combination of various influences (including Progressive Rock, Celtic Folk, Pop Music, Metal and Electronica) and experience is what fuels the eclecticism that infuses the work of Gerard Smith.  This variety, along with a propensity to experiment with combinations of styles, is the key to Gerard's music.

Gerard was born in Detroit and grew up in the Irish enclave of Emmett in the thumb of Michigan.  He has played in musical groups around Detroit over the past twenty-five years in many genres, including hardcore, jazz, Celtic folk, and rock and roll, in the bands Kuru, The Pluto Gang Conspiracy, The Primeval Apes,The Jar, The Bowzies, and Bill Grogan's Goat.  His solo performances consist of primarily Celtic folk music, and he has toured from Michigan to Florida, and in Southern Ontario.  

Exploring the vast world of music and experimenting with combinations of styles is the ethos that drives Detroit songwriter/musician Gerard Smith. Smith creates a travelogue of sound that combines Celtic influences, Jazz, Folk and Rock elements for an eclectic listening experience. 

The Detroit native grew up in the Irish enclave of Emmett in the thumb of Michigan. He honed his musical skills in a variety of musical groups over the past thirty years in many genres including Jazz and Rock and Roll. A proficient multi-instrumentalist, Gerard not only plays both electric and acoustic guitar but also the mandolin, bouzouki, bodhran, tin whistle and concertina. 

An ardent fan of Celtic folk music, Gerard slowly built up his repertoire of these traditional Irish and Scottish ballads and tunes. He has since been playing extensively around Michigan as a solo act and with different groups, such as the traditional Irish trio,The Bowzies, to the non-traditional Celtic and progressive rock-influenced band, Bill Grogan’s Goat. 

His first album, “Wind That Shakes the Barley,” is a musical collaboration with fellow Irish troubadours Terry Murphy and Colin Paige. He released his debut solo album entitled “Hamtramck:Heaven” as an ode to the Detroit enclave. The album included a mix of music, encompassing traditional and original songs, utilizing both electric and acoustic instruments. Len Wallace’s review in The Irish Connection magazine had this to say about the album: 
“The man has a message and isn’t afraid to tell it….What makes the album unique is how Gerard has wedded the acoustic folk tradition with ‘metal’ instrumental. ‘Hamtramck Heaven’ is more in the style of the late Sixties and early Seventies folk-rock adventures.” 

Gerard Smith continues his exploration into the wealth of Celtic folk music and modernizes these songs with his unique performance style. His second solo effort, “Idylls of the Kings of the Road.” features an eclectic mix of acoustic and electric original songs, as well as retooled Celtic folk. His influences range from traditional Irish folk music to The Beatles to King Crimson. Gerard hopes that you enjoy this work as much as he enjoyed making it. 

Gerard Smith plays Weber mandolin family instruments, and John Pearse strings, Pigtronix effect pedals, Supro amps, and D'Angelico guitars. 

For booking or more information on Gerard Smith please email: Gerard@GerardSmith.net or call (313-969-1110).



Gerard Smith plays Weber mandolin family instruments, and John Pearse strings and accessories, Pigtronix effect pedals, Supro amps, and D'Angelico guitars.